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Earlys Reptile and Small Critter Rescue is the leading Animal Rescue Service in the Inland Empire, dedicated to improving the lives of all reptile,small critters, and everything in between. We focus on the prevention of animal cruelty and neglect through our advocacy campaigns and informational initiatives. We can’t succeed alone, and need the support of community members like you to really make a significant impact. Learn more about our work and how you can get involved.


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We are dedicated to stepping up our Rehabilitation efforts, which is by no means an easy feat. But through cooperation and community involvement, we believe we can facilitate progress in this area.



With our mission always in mind, we strive to find new strategies to make our Rescue efforts more effective. Contact us to learn more about our team’s hard work and commitment to this cause.


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Taking Anything

Covid 19 has hit everyone hard this past year. So much that there are more animals that need our help other than reptiles and critters. So we officially have opened our doors to all animals of size, fur, and fins

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Everyone Barbarossa is at Healthy Weight!!

Mama Barbarossa is Spayed, UTD, Microchipp e, Dewormed, ETC! She is up for adoption but must be fully prepared as She is very slow to gain trust due to the abuse she has suffered!
We also suggest No Small Animals!!
If interested in adopting please call for adoption procedure!!

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Help is needed!!

868.82 in Funds Needed IMMEDIATELY!!!
SUNNYMEAD ANIMAL CLINIC951-656-4056Under: Earlys Reptile & Small Critter RescuePet Name: Pebbles
Pebbles is at the Veterinarian Again! She has lost weight, diarrhea is back with a vengeance and she is so lethargic her temp was 90.2!!!
We rushed her in immediately and she is receiving care to bring her temp back up, and CBD panels and such are being done again to try and find what's wrong!
Parvo negative (test was done)
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Come join us at Tractor Supply each month for a animal adoption event

Come join us on the first of every month for a animal adoption event at tractor supply on eucalyptus. We hope we can see you all there and you can find a new family member

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Donate to 12 wandering souls

The 12 innocent pups you see in the pictures above were found in unbelievable, absolutely jaw-dropping circumstances. These pups, some being newborns and just days old, were discovered living in a shed in absolute filth. The smell alone was grotesque and the look on their faces screamed for someone to come in and save them.


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